A year later; where did the podcast go?

Brief summary where the podcast went and how alfredodan & je'mond plan to tackle the next upcoming seasons!

12/26/20222 min read

The Couch: a project Alfredodan and I had in the works since around season three of RGL. Time-wise, that's around August of 2020, whereas COVID-19 was on the rise along with the start of inflation that has decided to be a pain in everyone's cheeks equally steadily!

As to where we disappeared too well, we had kept a low profile ideally after we released episode four; Dan snagged a job and finally left the neet life (hallelujah) as I more-so committed myself towards re-entering school along with saved maybe a litttttttttttle too hard towards a Highlander team that overall led to a quiet area where the consistency stopped ultimately having radio silence altogether with the project.

Besides some personal life struggles, burnout was one of the factors as to why utter silence came up my side.

I wanted more from how I inevitably left the season with content overall. I wanted to do better but couldn't necessarily come up with an idea until I played with a team called Run It Back. I will forever be grateful that the group helped slide ya, boy, a PC to play that season. (I'm sad at the fact that I couldn't go crazy that season, but that is what happens when you play at one of the highest levels of the format for the first time.

In the end, though, I know what you're saying "What is different with this project than the one you both had worked on previously?" "How are you planning to switch up so that we don't experience the radio silence as before with The Couch?

Well, ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you!

This time, I'm leading a project I have yet to do before with something so demanding and immense. But I plan to tackle it headstrong!

I'll be updating the website, editing the post-production inside adobe audition (I will also be paying friends to help with the program because it scares me more than premiere), I'll be producing as much of the graphics as I can except anything from source filmmaker seeing as that program is hell on earth for my brain.

I also have a strict schedule regarding when I want the first preview for the show to go live, along with all the assets I have prepped for each episode before our first one.

I will also upload each episode to Spotify whenever I finish post-production inside Audition.

It sounds like a lot in theory, but Jay from Fireside Productions was one of the biggest inspirations for committing time and effort within the competitive community because of his pure joy for the game, along with his critical, innovative thinking when it came to being the lead. Jay, Antlers, and Dr.Underscore did a fantastic job covering almost every division possible.

This means more content needs to come forward to bring about a slight change within the community.

We stay consistent; we stay updated.