We're the duo that makes RunThatBack. The brain’s as-well as the brawn’s behind the podcast. Who's to say which is which.


I’ve wanted to work on a project within the TF2 competitive community that I can say I’ve contributed my time towards besides playing season by season or becoming an RGL Administrator.

I want to look at this project months or years from now and say I’m glad I went forward and took the chance to leap into something familiar, but I want to challenge myself every day.

We both love this game and want to contribute to the competitive community together.


I’ve also always wanted to work on a project with the TF2 competitive community, whether documenting things on Liquipedia or helping administrate a tournament/league.

That’s why I created "The Couch" podcast, So I can do that and have any control over it, and I’m glad someone like je’mond is leading this project. Having just a public platform to talk about anything and provide for people is just something I’ve always been trying to do.